About Us- Imperial Wardrobe

                                                   Our Story


Imperial Wardrobe is an independent American luxury fashion label, founded in 2017 in Niagara Falls, NY, by LaChele Boone. Crafting timeless pieces for American Contemporary Culture.

Imperial Wardrobe- Aims to create a product line that is innovative, bringing new designs and styles that are inclusive. Differentiating our brand from others. We strive to elevate and inspire one’s own heritage through authenticity and a subtle and sophisticated touch of craftsmanship. By doing so, we strive to break down fashion barriers and gender standards. Allowing our patrons to express their opinion through our unique and exclusive products.

Imperial- Signature styles are crafted to embody luxury and comfort without the heavy price tag.  Our signature styles celebrate the best of surrealistic aesthetics and timeless pieces.

For...Dreamers. Creators. Influencers.